Güntner Group at Chillventa 2018

The Chillventa is the trade fair for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration technology. Find out about the innovations & trends in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps sector from 16th to 18th October 2018 in Nuremberg. Whether it is compressors, heat exchangers, ventilators or systems: at the Chillventa, the worlds of industry, retail, specialist associations, research and development discuss the key issues surrounding refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps.

Rules may change. Safety stays the same.

From refrigerant issues to topics like consumer protection – the demands on you in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry are steadily increasing. Your strong partner Güntner is not only technically experienced but also well-versed in national and international regulations – and will gladly relieve you of these worries. The use of natural refrigerants like CO2, NH3 or propane in heat exchangers that are perfectly adapted to the respective fluid, hygiene issues such as the protection against legionella, energy efficiency not only regarding component parts but the entire plant, or the connection to modern building management systems – no matter what the topic, we were thinking ahead and, with our well-developed products, offer you durable quality complying with the rules of the future already today.
This means you can relax and look forward – regardless of what happens.

Discover state-of-the-art technology – virtually and live on the spot!

Take the opportunity to experience our wide range of products at Chillventa. Let our consultants personally explain to you the exhibited product highlights and take a virtual tour of these and other units in the Güntner Virtual Experience: You will see how the units operate in the most diverse conditions, in different operating states and with all their functions – all details and advantages are at your fingertips. Zoom in!

V-SHAPE Compact VR-Video
DUAL Compact VR-Video

Which product highlights can you expect at Güntner's exhibition stand?

V-SHAPE Vario with pre-cooling systems as condenser, fluid cooler and gas cooler

Everything's possible

The V-SHAPE Vario boasts a high power density. Be it as condenser, gas cooler or fluid cooler, and regardless of whether the desired refrigerant is HFC, NH3, CO2, propane or a water/glycol mixture, the V-SHAPE Vario offers everything – plus an extensive range of accessories.

- Low charge, low weight
- Available not only with HydroSpray but now also with HydroPad
- Ultra-modern control for energy-efficient motor management and pre-cooling systems
- Axitop diffuser as standard accessory reduces the sound pressure level
- Transport without lifting beam, retractable crane lugs

Protection against legionella:
Reliable solutions in line with the HSG274

Air cooler CUBIC Vario: the right solution for every application

Structured diversity

With its wide range of casing models and material combinations, different fin spacings and optimized tube and fin geometries for refrigerants ranging from HFC, NH3, CO2 and propane to fluids, the CUBIC Vario is suited for virtually every application. Fully in line with the Vario principle, the CUBIC Vario air coolers offer an extensive range of accessories, from repair switches to hot gas defrosting.

- Heat exchangers optimized for every refrigerant
- The ideal combination of maximum capacity and minimum tube volume
- CO2 up to 80 bar
- All types of defrosting
- Greater air throw with Güntner Streamer (optional)
- Corrosion protection thanks to suitable material combinations

Safety for applications:
HACCP certification for the "Hygienic Design" and availability for all common fluids to meet the requirements of the F-Gas phase-down

Optimization of applications thanks to an extensive range of accessories

The new Controls device GMMnext – Professional control for EC fans

Well controlled means money saved

The new GMMnext is a Motor Management System of the latest generation for EC fans – for high-performance connection to the BMS. The controller is prepared for modern Industrial Ethernet protocols. A new, intuitive concept makes operation even easier.

- Easy connection to the BMS also possible via Industrial Ethernet protocols
- Unit-specific real-time data analysis and monitoring available via web browser
- The plant can be optimized thanks to comprehensive analysis functions
- Intuitive operating concept: 3 times larger display, rotary knob, home button
- SLCMM function: Super-Low Capacity Motor Management for lowest possible setpoint deviation at low load states and low ambient temperatures
- Predictive Maintenance Function: Improved planning ability of service work
- Energy Balance Function: Energy savings for the refrigerating plant as a whole of up to 30 %

Optimized energy efficiency with the Energy Balance Function; IoT:
messages and analysis data via Internet

The new ADC High Density – low water requirement, high capacity

Powerful on a small footprint

At high external temperatures or high plant loads/high fluid temperatures, the new ADC HD unit is your natural choice.
Thanks to the HydroPad humidification pads, the heat exchangers remain dry, and it is possible to cool the fluid down to below the ambient temperature. The new ADC HD offers a larger capacity than the ADC.

- Safe operation: Dry cooling tested for hygiene conformity
- Maximum power density, remarkably small footprint
- Adiabatic pre-cooling via humidification pads
- No water treatment needed
- Plug-and-play: Control cabinet, pumps and pads: Everything is housed and wired in a compact cube
- Sturdy JAEGGI quality

Protection against legionella:
Reliable solutions in line with the HSG274

Millions of types, always unique – the FLAT Vario

Whatever your specific requirements:

The FLAT Vario is THE solution With the wide modular variety of the FLAT Vario, we set a new standard. Millions of types but only 1 parameter that counts: You. Once your requirements have been fed into our tried-and-tested Güntner Product Configurator (GPC), it will dynamically design your individual unit. The process is fast and reliable and is based precisely on the application you have in mind. With pinpoint accuracy.

- Large number of different types and manifold combinations of materials
- Wide capacity range
- CO2 up to 120 bar as a standard
- Reliable and leak-proof thanks to tried-and-tested Güntner floating coil principle
- Easy to mount and to access for inspection and cleaning

F-Gas phase-down:
Available for all common fluids to meet the requirements of the F-Gas phase-down

DUAL Compact – condensation pipe behind the scenes

Numerous advantages thanks to invisible condensation pipe

With the option of the integrated condensation water pump in the new DUAL Compact, the condensation pipe can be installed out of sight in the false ceiling. Your advantage: Saves you more time when cleaning, provides more comfort for your employees and more transport safety. And, of course, the units are hygiene-certified according to HACCP. What's more, the new tray design allows for hinging the outer tray on both sides. For more flexibility during servicing.

- Available for HFC, CO2, glycol
- CO2 up to 80 bar as a standard
- Special draught-reduced construction available for processing rooms
- Hinged inner and outer tray, thermally decoupled
- Mounting flush with the ceiling
- Optionally integrated condensation water pump
- Alternative corrosion protection Coil Defender available

Safety for applications:
HACCP certification for the "Hygienic Design" and optional anti-corrosion coating Coil Defender

CUBIC Compact – optimal for commercial refrigeration

Highly efficient compact air cooler

In the GACC series, Güntner offers a classic air cooler for manifold commercial refrigeration applications.
With optimized casing dimensions packaged in stackable boxes, GACC coolers offer optimal spatial use not only on site but also en route. The 26 different types of unit together cover a capacity range from 1.5 to 68 kW and offer numerous advantages.

- For HFC, CO2, propane and glycol
- CO2 up to 80 bar as a standard
- Compact design, low weight
- Hinged inner and outer tray, thermally decoupled
- Alternative corrosion protection Coil Defender available

Safety for applications:
HACCP certification for the "Hygienic Design" and optional anti-corrosion coating Coil Defender

SLIM Compact – air coolers for small cold rooms

Air cooler in slimline design with blow-through fans

Our product family SLIM Compact incorporates exactly those factors that are important to you.
The slimline design occupies very little space and allows optimal use of the cold room. The angled fan enables the cooler to be positioned against a wall while providing good air circulation.

- For HFC, CO2 and glycol
- CO2 up to 80 bar as a standard
- The ideal solution for small cold rooms and low ceilings
- Compact design, low weight
- Hinged inner and outer tray, thermally decoupled
- Alternative corrosion protection Coil Defender available

Safety for applications:
HACCP certification for the "Hygienic Design" and optional anti-corrosion coating Coil Defender

Central communication interface – Güntner Master Panel GMP

Everything under control with the Master Panel

The Güntner Master Panel provides a central communication interface to the customer's system and in so doing supports a variety of different communication protocols. Instead of integrating a vast number of controls individually into the superordinate BMS, you can now consolidate all subordinate controllers and integrate them via this central interface into the superordinate system.

- Central communication interface for simplified control of your plant
- With plug-and-play for the building management system
- For integrating several coolers
- Central communication modules for easy integration
- Industrial Ethernet protocols such as BaCnet/IP and Modbus/TCP

Energy efficiency:
Increases the energy efficiency thanks to central control and optimization of several coolers

Powerful and smart – the V-SHAPE Compact with HydroPad

In a class of its own

The V-SHAPE Compact offers maximum performance on a small footprint even when operated in dry mode and is ideal for commercial refrigeration applications. The HydroPad humidification pad for adiabatic pre-cooling enables refrigerating plants to be operated more efficiently, thereby saving money – without necessitating water treatment, labour-intensive maintenance work and wetting of the coil. The Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad determines continuously whether applying water or increasing the fan speed will be more cost-effetive.

- Available as fluid cooler, condenser and gas cooler
- Increase of the plant efficiency thanks to adiabatic pre-cooling
- Neither water treatment nor intensive maintenance required
- Intelligent control: Güntner Hydro Management GHM pad
- Wet or dry – the decision is yours!

Protection against legionella:
Reliable solutions in line with the HSG274

thermowave plate heat exchangers: Tailored to suit your requirements

The world's widest range of laser-welded modules

thermowave plate heat exchangers have been a success in process cooling and industrial refrigeration for 25 years. The design and construction of the apparatuses are in line with the corresponding national and international regulations such as ASME etc. And we provide you with customer-specific solutions such as the Tandem and Two-in-one frame type and individual connections. The product portfolio includes gasketed and module-welded plate heat exchangers.

- Plate heat exchangers for process cooling and industrial refrigeration
- Made in Germany
- Gasketed plate apparatuses up to 30 bar
- Module-welded apparatuses up to 63 bar

We manufacture according to national and international regulations such as PED97/23EC and PED201468EU respectively, ASME, …

Sharing extra know-how through lectures at Chillventa

In addition to the exhibition, the Chillventa fair offers three specialist forums focussing on different topics. Güntner will hold four lectures at the Specialist forum Refrigeration in Hall 7A and one lecture at the Specialist forum Applications, Education & Regulations in Hall 9.

There will be exciting topics again, interesting findings and specific application advice.

Refrigerants with glide – Aspects to consider for the design of heat exchangers

When using refrigerants with glide, the operating behaviour of finned heat exchangers partly changes considerably. This lecture will shed light on the physical background and give recommendations on the design.

Date: 16 Oct. 2018
Time: 2.40 pm – 3 pm
Location: Hall 7A, Stand 7A-618
Language: German

Peter Roth
Head of Measurement & Testing
Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Dry cooler application in a wind tunnel

Wind tunnels are a common and demanding application for dry coolers. This lecture shows the combined use of numerical and CoilDesigner calculations for the thermodynamically precise calculation of heat exchangers as a prerequisite for ensuring the measurement quality in wind tunnels.

Date: 17 Oct. 2018
Time: 2.40 pm – 3 pm
Location: Hall 9, Stand 9-531
Language: German

Stanislav Perencevic
Head of Fundamentals Department
Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Presentation of the CO2 test facility and the extension of Eurovent to CO2

The certification procedure for the extension of the Eurovent programme of fan-ventilated heat exchangers to units operated with CO2 as refrigerant started in mid-2018. Güntner as long-term member of the "Heat Exchangers for Refrigeration" programme was crucially involved in introducing and shaping the measurement conditions and calculation formulas. With the Güntner test laboratory for CO2 and NH3 units completed in 2017, Güntner can perform its own measurements in this field.

Date: 17 Oct. 2018
Time: Noon – 12.20 pm
Location: Hall 7A, Stand 7A-618
Language: German

Franz Sperl
Research Engineer CO2/NH3
Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Design and operation of a modern NH3 evaporator test facility

The refrigerant R-717, better known as ammonia (NH3), became more important in the course of the F-Gas phase-down. The lecture brings together different thoughts on the development of new unit generations and illustrates the potential related to, among other things, the reduction of ammonia charges in refrigerating plants.

Date: 18 Oct. 2018
Time: 1.40 pm – 2 pm
Location: Hall 7A, Stand 7A-618
Language: German

Kevin Knetsch
Research Engineer CO2/NH3
Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Specialist forum Refrigeration

For further information on the Specialist forum Refrigeration, please visit the Chillventa site of the Nuremberg trade fair.

Technical articles

Finding the right anticorrosion measure for air coolers for your project might be a challenge. To make this task easier, Güntner supports you with background information in a technical article, which can be downloaded here: