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Neues System erobert den britischen Markt

Güntner’s new condenser system, the GVX condenser with microox® technology is starting to penetrate international markets.

The GVX, the result of a two-year development period, is an adaptation of the conventional microchannel technology and fulfils the requirements of stationary refrigeration installations. Having successfully mastered the challenges during development (e.g. required high capacities with corresponding coil sizes, adaptation to the different application ranges, observation of the refrigerant pressure), Güntner conceived the GVX, a system that combines several benefits in just one system. This also convinced decision makers in Britain to opt for the new technology.

The new microox® technology in British su-permarkets
The first UK installation of the innovative GVX condenser with the microox® technology was commissioned for leading discount supermarket chain Netto, by Carrier Refrigeration UK Limited, as part of the turnkey refrigeration installation at Netto's new store in Gosforth.
The installation coincided with the market entry of the GVX which has been selected to replace traditional tube and fin condensers. Installations are proceeding across multiple sites including the cutting-edge Netto store in Gosforth, which will be subject to a BREEAM environmental impact assessment.

Convincing benefits
The ground breaking technology condenser aligns itself perfectly for such applications as it incorporates energy saving and low environmental impact technology. The Güntner GVXc ondenser has up to 50 % lower refrigerant charge than traditional condensers, and it is manufactured with all aluminium heat exchanger panels that can be easily recycled. The condenser is fitted with EC fans that are controlled through the Güntner Motor Management GMM EC, maximising energy efficiency. With fan parameters automatically set by the GMM EC, no hardware, software or special knowledge is required. This saves both commissioning and maintenance costs.
The condensers are rated at 60 kW and incorporate an integrated but independently controlled sub-cooler, further improving plant performance.
With retailers such as Netto continuing to pursue a reduction in their environmental impact, combined with other benefits such as modular solutions for wall and floor mounting, simple cleaning, and lighter weight, it is expected that the GVX will be very widely implemented in the next few years.

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